thank you & from bubbles–of zen & en

Thank you everyone at Fireking Cafe in Tokyo for having me & my bubbles in your beautiful space! It was an amazing 3 weeks, where I debuted my large sized bubbles on canvas paintings. I couldn’t ask for a warmer reception of bubbly works! Also, thank you to all the people who made this happen (the arrangements, transport, roof over my head–the list is endless), the ones who came in person to spend their time & smiles with me, the others who wanted to come, and the new friends who I made! Am an extremely lucky person, with great “en” and love.

Yes, it’s been a little over a month since the conclusion of my bubbles–of zen & en show. Apologies for the delay in updates here, as soon after the show, I was out in Taipei holding another one, with a completely different set of artwork (please kindly see my post below).

The first picture above is of our setup at 2 AM in the morning, yes, 2 AM! Everyone was a pro, and I can’t thank all enough, with a special nod to my friend who arranged everything, and I mean everything for me. On top of that, was lucky to be the beneficiary of the brand new museum lights that the owner had just purchased. The lights made the bubbles come alive in the evening. You honestly have to see my work there in person, and again I thank you to all that did. Was even able to have a friend who I haven’t met in person in 15 years!

The second photo was taken at opening hour, the moment of calm before the rush. The paintings and atmosphere of the venue is completely different during the day and at night. The third picture reflects this well. And lastly, me and the lunch & dinner time staff who were all so welcoming, that it made me feel like I was a part of their big family–am forever gracious.

thank you & from the art of daydreaming


Was my first show ever in Taiwan. Despite the fact that I had just previously wrapped up an exhibition in Tokyo, I headed to Taipei with a suitcase and bag full of paintings for my second stop of this so-called “Asian tour” of mine. I named it “the art of daydreaming” because it is the result of my constant daydreaming, and because of my love of a certain music album–“The Art of Doing Nothing” by Mark Owen (you really should give it a listen, as it honestly is a work of art). The biggest challenge for me was transportation, since the Tokyo and Taipei shows featured different paintings. No piece of work was shown twice for these two exhibitions.

I am grateful of the Image and Art Center, Chinese Culture University, School of Continuing Education in Taipei for allowing me to hold show in their wonderful gallery space for only a week, since they usually have ones for a minimum of two. Though I didn’t speak the language, everyone was extremely helpful and I had a great time introducing my work to a new audience outside that of North America and Japan.

The first two photos are of my work in the gallery, and the last one is of setup–taking paintings out of my suitcase and deciding which ones go where.

A sincere and heartfelt thank you to everyone who made this show in Taipei possible, especially to my good friend who helped with all the arrangements and translations, and for the ones to came by (one who even surprised me by coming all the way from Tokyo!), sent their well wishes, and the new friends I have made. It has been an amazing and memorable experience!! I will definitely be back again one day!

the art of daydreaming

The Art of DaydreamingWorks by Jodi Sam
Sat Nov 11 – Fri Nov 17 2017

This is my first exhibition in Taiwan. I am excited to share with everyone a collection of originals paintings of my: published and soon-to-be-published books, “tokyo trend” reports for The Bulletin Magazine, plus other blotted line drawing and “bubbles series” pieces.

Please kindly join me at the Image and Art Center, Chinese Culture University, School of Continuing Education in Taipei. I will be there personally every day during the exhibition around 12:30 pm – 5 pm, though for the most accurate time (please check my Facebook and Instagram pages) and on appointment basis. I look forward to seeing you there!



Image and Art Center
Chinese Culture University, School of Continuing Education
1F, No. 231, Section 2, Jianguo South Road,
Da’an District, Taipei

Sun 9 AM – 5 PM
Mon –  Thu, Sat 9 AM – 9 PM
Fri 9 AM – 7 PM (last day)

中國文化大學推廣教育部 大夏藝廊


bubbles–of zen & en

bubbles—of zen & en, paintings by jodi sam
mon oct 16 – sun nov 5

I have been rather silent of the late, but for very good reasons. I am beyond excited to announce that I will be having my first full show of my bubbles series in Tokyo in less than 3 weeks time. Am honoured to be showing my all-new large sized creations at the amazing Fireking Cafe in Yoyogi Uehara, whose owner and staff have been more than supportive of local and international artists. All the pieces were painted specifically for this exhibition, and were inspired by the beauty and the memories I have experienced in Japan. Hence the name, bubbles—of zen & en.

It is my visual ode to place that has given me so much and that I couldn’t thank it and its people ever enough.  Please come join me for this special engagement and though there would not be an opening reception, I look forward to meeting everyone there in person–yes, I will be in Tokyo for the entire time. And a special thank you to all that made this exhibition possible, as it would have been impossible without you!

mon – fri 11:30 am – 2 am
sat, sun & holidays 12 pm – 2 am

1-30-8 uehara, shibuya, tokyo
ファイヤーキング カフェ
東京都渋谷区上原 1-30-8

summer inspirations

Am prepping for something right now, and have been busy painting away on canvas, so much so that I “killed” lots of my wonderful brushes from Japan and now working with new ones that are not quite the same as the ones I love.  That said, am very happy and grateful to be doing what I am doing.  Because of the larger painting surfaces, am able to do full on compositions that are not found in some of my smaller bubbles painting.  Am sharing with you the inspirations behind my “bubbles–summer” piece.

There are actually two inspirations the first one is of my favourite Japanese festival, Tanabata, Star Festival on Jul 7 of each year. The annual celebration is about the legend of the fated lovers, who are separated by the earth and moon, can only meet on this day every year. I just love the romantic tradition of writing your wishes on tanzaku, a strip of paper, and hanging it on sasa no ha, bamboo branches. The photo is of the spellbinding sasa no ha arrangement I saw at the Main Building of the established Hotel Okura in 2015, which was torn down for reconstruction later that year.  I wrote a blog about it too ( When I painted this painting, I imagined it repeating and repeating endlessly in my mind–just like how it is shown here.

The second inspiration is of the summer wind chime, furin, installation with brilliant colourful streamers at another favourite of mine, Tokyo Midtown, also from a couple of years back. And funny, it was a year later in 2016 that I had my spring bubbles there as their 40 m window and visual merchandising display! I really believe in the “en” of it all!

js greeting cards

Have always loved handwriting to friends and family, and still have a pen pal today, whom I started writing to since high school!  As convenient as emails and texts are, still think there is nothing that can beat a handwritten note.  I have done a number of postcards before, but am now making some greeting cards instead, both with my blotted line drawings and bubbles.  Am still in the process of setting up my own online store, so until then, do kindly find them at the following boutiques, of which I love–how blessed am I to have my pieces there?

Branches & Knots
3128 W. Broadway, Vancouver, BC

Giving Gifts
4570 Main Street, Vancouver, BC

espace d.
215 – 332 Water Street, Vancouver, BC

Stock Home Design
3060 West Broadway, Vancouver, BC

Willow & Wallflower
2606 St. Johns Street, Port Moody, BC

Please note, selection varies from boutique to boutique

sakura bubbles


It’s been a long while since I wrote a post on my blog, as I have been a little busy and more active on my Instagram and Facebook accounts instead.  After coming back to Vancouver, I have been experimenting with painting my bubbles on canvases and have rather taken a liking to them.

For an upcoming project, I have started painting on large size canvases, and this one is the largest to date: 91 cm x 61 cm (36″ x 24″).  I call this my “massive canvas challenge” because of the amount of time and effort needed to complete a painting.  What you are seeing here took place over the course of weeks, turning the canvas this way and that.  It is still not completely finished as shown here in the last photo.  Think I’ll put on the finishing touches later.

The inspiration comes from the beautiful sakura of Japan that I have been blessed to be surrounded by for the past six springs.  Not that we don’t have these delicate flowers in Vancouver, but the scale is different.  For me, the lightness and sense of serenity is key.  Am going to do a seasons series, so this the the first one of four paintings.  Stay tuned for the upcoming ones!