summer inspirations

Am prepping for something right now, and have been busy painting away on canvas, so much so that I “killed” lots of my wonderful brushes from Japan and now working with new ones that are not quite the same as the ones I love.  That said, am very happy and grateful to be doing what I am doing.  Because of the larger painting surfaces, am able to do full on compositions that are not found in some of my smaller bubbles painting.  Am sharing with you the inspirations behind my “bubbles–summer” piece.

There are actually two inspirations the first one is of my favourite Japanese festival, Tanabata, Star Festival on Jul 7 of each year. The annual celebration is about the legend of the fated lovers, who are separated by the earth and moon, can only meet on this day every year. I just love the romantic tradition of writing your wishes on tanzaku, a strip of paper, and hanging it on sasa no ha, bamboo branches. The photo is of the spellbinding sasa no ha arrangement I saw at the Main Building of the established Hotel Okura in 2015, which was torn down for reconstruction later that year.  I wrote a blog about it too ( When I painted this painting, I imagined it repeating and repeating endlessly in my mind–just like how it is shown here.

The second inspiration is of the summer wind chime, furin, installation with brilliant colourful streamers at another favourite of mine, Tokyo Midtown, also from a couple of years back. And funny, it was a year later in 2016 that I had my spring bubbles there as their 40 m window and visual merchandising display! I really believe in the “en” of it all!

js greeting cards

Have always loved handwriting to friends and family, and still have a pen pal today, whom I started writing to since high school!  As convenient as emails and texts are, still think there is nothing that can beat a handwritten note.  I have done a number of postcards before, but am now making some greeting cards instead, both with my blotted line drawings and bubbles.  Am still in the process of setting up my own online store, so until then, do kindly find them at the following boutiques, of which I love–how blessed am I to have my pieces there?

Branches & Knots
3128 W. Broadway, Vancouver, BC

Giving Gifts
4570 Main Street, Vancouver, BC

espace d.
215 – 332 Water Street, Vancouver, BC

Please note, selection varies from boutique to boutique

sakura bubbles


It’s been a long while since I wrote a post on my blog, as I have been a little busy and more active on my Instagram and Facebook accounts instead.  After coming back to Vancouver, I have been experimenting with painting my bubbles on canvases and have rather taken a liking to them.

For an upcoming project, I have started painting on large size canvases, and this one is the largest to date: 91 cm x 61 cm (36″ x 24″).  I call this my “massive canvas challenge” because of the amount of time and effort needed to complete a painting.  What you are seeing here took place over the course of weeks, turning the canvas this way and that.  It is still not completely finished as shown here in the last photo.  Think I’ll put on the finishing touches later.

The inspiration comes from the beautiful sakura of Japan that I have been blessed to be surrounded by for the past six springs.  Not that we don’t have these delicate flowers in Vancouver, but the scale is different.  For me, the lightness and sense of serenity is key.  Am going to do a seasons series, so this the the first one of four paintings.  Stay tuned for the upcoming ones!

thank you vancouver

Finished wrapping up my first art exhibition “love art” after relocating back to vancouver, and the art show opening house event.  A big thank you to everyone who made it possible and came out to see me & my creations! A special shout out to Branches and Knots for having me and Sleepless Kao for our joint show and to Amica Manor for allowing me to participate at their wonderful event.  And last but not least, to Drew’s Catering and Events for making our reception party really delicious and memorable–their edible creations were so beautiful that I honestly thought they outdid our art!!  Hahaha……

I can’t express my gratitude enough. Here are some photos from the opening reception party.  The last one was taken after the party of me hiding from the camera with the beautiful flowers I received and with my favourite people.  Thank you Vancouver, for making me feel more than at home again!

commissioned pieces


This is the first blotted line drawing I’ve done since relocating back to Vancouver and it’s a commissioned piece. I usually don’t post about personally commissioned & customized work, but thought it is time to share, especially when it was requested by someone who is a major supporter of my art. I just love working with others to come up with a piece that they would have and love. I think that was why I liked fashion styling too–it is a true collaboration between the photographer, hair & makeup artist(s), model(s), the client, and me. Am an extremely fortunate person to have gathered the love and support that I have. So, thank you everyone and am looking forward to creating more commissioned pieces with others!!

This image includes all the steps to my blotted line drawings:

1. Sketching
2. Blotting
3. Painting
4. Signing–major one, if it’s not good enough, will not sign and I would redo the entire process over again
5. Framing–if being sent out (with lots of love) to the paintings new home

And if it was a work that needs to be delivered digitally as well:

6. Scanning
7. Digital touching up



art show open house


I haven’t participated in a group or community art event in years (in both Vancouver & Tokyo). However, next Saturday from 2 PM to 4 PM, I will be at the Art Show Open House happening at Amica at Arbutus Manor. Because it’s not a formal showing for me, I will be sharing some of my older and newer pieces together (Lala is making her debut in Vancouver along side some bubbles!), which is a rather rare occasion. So, please do come by and join me for some artistic fun!

Sat Mar 4 2017
2 PM – 4 PM
Amica at Arbutus Manor
2125 Eddington Drive
Vancouver, BC

bubbles, paper & canvas







Up until relocating back to Vancouver, I have always painted watercolour on paper (like in the last two pictures above).  However, got a little inspired at the art store and remembered what a friend of mine said to me once “Paint them, your bubbles, bigger! And how about on canvas?”, I went ahead bought some canvases and an absorbent ground, a medium for priming canvas for watercolour application, and started painting.  My first ever bubbles painted on canvas, is the top image of this post, the blue one, that was a nod to my hometown Vancouver, with all its rain & snow!

I had so much fun painting watercolour on canvas, as the touch, feel and way you can play with the washes/layers are completely different from paper, that I continued. Ones inspired by the sparkling stones, amethyst & garnet–am now going to a “birthstone” bubbles series (will post more about them later), and even one by a touching song, “Stars” by Mark Owen.

Side note: had been looping this song like crazy on the Internet until my CD arrived all the way from the UK, cause I wanted the deluxe version–it’s one of the most beautiful album I have heard in years.  Too bad it’s also the most underrated.  Please check out his official website ( for his brilliant songs & get a copy of this album, The Art of Doing Nothing.  I love everything about this album, the songs, the energy, the artwork, and just the title itself.

Of course because the theme of my joint art show love art is around Valentine’s Day, and I have received lots of love coming back home, that I even painted bubble hearts both on canvas and paper!  Hahaha……but painting on watercolour paper will be something I will always love and go back to.  The question is, which one do you like–paper or canvas?  The first 5 images are canvas, and last 2 are paper (I used a line to separate them).