thank you & from the art of daydreaming


Was my first show ever in Taiwan. Despite the fact that I had just previously wrapped up an exhibition in Tokyo, I headed to Taipei with a suitcase and bag full of paintings for my second stop of this so-called “Asian tour” of mine. I named it “the art of daydreaming” because it is the result of my constant daydreaming, and because of my love of a certain music album–“The Art of Doing Nothing” by Mark Owen (you really should give it a listen, as it honestly is a work of art). The biggest challenge for me was transportation, since the Tokyo and Taipei shows featured different paintings. No piece of work was shown twice for these two exhibitions.

I am grateful of the Image and Art Center, Chinese Culture University, School of Continuing Education in Taipei for allowing me to hold show in their wonderful gallery space for only a week, since they usually have ones for a minimum of two. Though I didn’t speak the language, everyone was extremely helpful and I had a great time introducing my work to a new audience outside that of North America and Japan.

The first two photos are of my work in the gallery, and the last one is of setup–taking paintings out of my suitcase and deciding which ones go where.

A sincere and heartfelt thank you to everyone who made this show in Taipei possible, especially to my good friend who helped with all the arrangements and translations, and for the ones to came by (one who even surprised me by coming all the way from Tokyo!), sent their well wishes, and the new friends I have made. It has been an amazing and memorable experience!! I will definitely be back again one day!

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