thank you & from bubbles–of zen & en

Thank you everyone at Fireking Cafe in Tokyo for having me & my bubbles in your beautiful space! It was an amazing 3 weeks, where I debuted my large sized bubbles on canvas paintings. I couldn’t ask for a warmer reception of bubbly works! Also, thank you to all the people who made this happen (the arrangements, transport, roof over my head–the list is endless), the ones who came in person to spend their time & smiles with me, the others who wanted to come, and the new friends who I made! Am an extremely lucky person, with great “en” and love.

Yes, it’s been a little over a month since the conclusion of my bubbles–of zen & en show. Apologies for the delay in updates here, as soon after the show, I was out in Taipei holding another one, with a completely different set of artwork (please kindly see my post below).

The first picture above is of our setup at 2 AM in the morning, yes, 2 AM! Everyone was a pro, and I can’t thank all enough, with a special nod to my friend who arranged everything, and I mean everything for me. On top of that, was lucky to be the beneficiary of the brand new museum lights that the owner had just purchased. The lights made the bubbles come alive in the evening. You honestly have to see my work there in person, and again I thank you to all that did. Was even able to have a friend who I haven’t met in person in 15 years!

The second photo was taken at opening hour, the moment of calm before the rush. The paintings and atmosphere of the venue is completely different during the day and at night. The third picture reflects this well. And lastly, me and the lunch & dinner time staff who were all so welcoming, that it made me feel like I was a part of their big family–am forever gracious.

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