sakura bubbles


It’s been a long while since I wrote a post on my blog, as I have been a little busy and more active on my Instagram and Facebook accounts instead.  After coming back to Vancouver, I have been experimenting with painting my bubbles on canvases and have rather taken a liking to them.

For an upcoming project, I have started painting on large size canvases, and this one is the largest to date: 91 cm x 61 cm (36″ x 24″).  I call this my “massive canvas challenge” because of the amount of time and effort needed to complete a painting.  What you are seeing here took place over the course of weeks, turning the canvas this way and that.  It is still not completely finished as shown here in the last photo.  Think I’ll put on the finishing touches later.

The inspiration comes from the beautiful sakura of Japan that I have been blessed to be surrounded by for the past six springs.  Not that we don’t have these delicate flowers in Vancouver, but the scale is different.  For me, the lightness and sense of serenity is key.  Am going to do a seasons series, so this the the first one of four paintings.  Stay tuned for the upcoming ones!