commissioned pieces


This is the first blotted line drawing I’ve done since relocating back to Vancouver and it’s a commissioned piece. I usually don’t post about personally commissioned & customized work, but thought it is time to share, especially when it was requested by someone who is a major supporter of my art. I just love working with others to come up with a piece that they would have and love. I think that was why I liked fashion styling too–it is a true collaboration between the photographer, hair & makeup artist(s), model(s), the client, and me. Am an extremely fortunate person to have gathered the love and support that I have. So, thank you everyone and am looking forward to creating more commissioned pieces with others!!

This image includes all the steps to my blotted line drawings:

1. Sketching
2. Blotting
3. Painting
4. Signing–major one, if it’s not good enough, will not sign and I would redo the entire process over again
5. Framing–if being sent out (with lots of love) to the paintings new home

And if it was a work that needs to be delivered digitally as well:

6. Scanning
7. Digital touching up