bubbles, paper & canvas







Up until relocating back to Vancouver, I have always painted watercolour on paper (like in the last two pictures above).  However, got a little inspired at the art store and remembered what a friend of mine said to me once “Paint them, your bubbles, bigger! And how about on canvas?”, I went ahead bought some canvases and an absorbent ground, a medium for priming canvas for watercolour application, and started painting.  My first ever bubbles painted on canvas, is the top image of this post, the blue one, that was a nod to my hometown Vancouver, with all its rain & snow!

I had so much fun painting watercolour on canvas, as the touch, feel and way you can play with the washes/layers are completely different from paper, that I continued. Ones inspired by the sparkling stones, amethyst & garnet–am now going to a “birthstone” bubbles series (will post more about them later), and even one by a touching song, “Stars” by Mark Owen.

Side note: had been looping this song like crazy on the Internet until my CD arrived all the way from the UK, cause I wanted the deluxe version–it’s one of the most beautiful album I have heard in years.  Too bad it’s also the most underrated.  Please check out his official website (www.markowenofficial.com) for his brilliant songs & get a copy of this album, The Art of Doing Nothing.  I love everything about this album, the songs, the energy, the artwork, and just the title itself.

Of course because the theme of my joint art show love art is around Valentine’s Day, and I have received lots of love coming back home, that I even painted bubble hearts both on canvas and paper!  Hahaha……but painting on watercolour paper will be something I will always love and go back to.  The question is, which one do you like–paper or canvas?  The first 5 images are canvas, and last 2 are paper (I used a line to separate them).










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