merry christmas–ain soph aur



It’s a day late but, Merry Christmas Everyone! Wishing you a beautiful holiday season full of joy, laughs, and sparkles!! Ain Soph Aur means “Limitless Light” in Hebrew, from the Kabbalah—Tree of Life.  Transcending beliefs and backgrounds, since we are wonderful & different, May Limitless Light Be With Us All!!

I learnt the phrase a little while ago. I loved it so much that I dug up my calligraphy pen nibs from high school to hand write it out and then later incorporated it into my holiday greeting! As for the blue bubbles they were painted with Vancouver’s rain/snow as the inspiration. Am lucky to have grown up in a multicultural city with people of all sorts of background, and had the same wonderful experience in my 6 1/2 years in Tokyo. Thank you and really, Happy Holidays!!