aura aroma salon



Have always loved beautiful scents, the wondrous healing power of crystals, and self-care, from inside out, and outside in.

So, when my amazingly talented friend, an internationally certified esthetician & aromatherapist, Chiharu finally opened her new private salon AURA (by appointment only) in the beginning of October, I was the first one to book and receive her relaxing treatment!! Amongst the number of treatments she offers, her holistic Esalen® Massage and Mary Nelson’s Original LaStone® Facial & Body Treatments, which are still rare but highly sought after in Japan. I just love the name, AURA.

Chiharu is one of the few who infuses traditional approaches with aromatherapy essential oils and crystals. And I must say, my full body massage was just what I needed to get me prepped for my next big project! What’s more is that she carries a number of beauty brands and products the are salon exclusives and not easy to find. I too became a converted fan! One of my favourites is the Soluna (know as Lunasol outside of Japan) Energetic Spray that even contains alchemical gold solution along with a beautiful mixture of essential oils. It “removes tension from the air, and promotes deep, calm breathing, creates a positive and creative atmosphere for mind and spirit, and when sprayed on to your pillow, gives you a relaxed sleep”. Isn’t that what we all need?

Her salon is situated in the relaxing area of Hiroo in Tokyo, and just 2 minutes away from the station. Please do visit her website for more information, which is only in Japanese right now, but she is hoping to have the English version done soon:


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