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Have been thinking of doing this for quite sometime, so right after my show, I started painting some of my favourite and must-haves for skincare & cosmetic products, and is what am calling the “js essentials” series.

The first is one that I posted about before, cause I really do love it! It’s BARAKA’s Lotus Water Mist. Every time after I wash my face or finishing taking a bath/shower, I immediately spray the Lotus Water Mist on my face. Its soft scent and moisturizing effect is heavenly. I feel like am surrounded by a mist of gentle, positive, nurturing energy. And here is the link for the full details:

The second painting is of my long time favourite, and probably most expensive item in my makeup bag: Shiseido Cle du Peau Beaute’s Correcteur Visage Concealer. As many of my friends know, I have the worst black circles ever–I had them since was 12 or so. Tried many skincare products over the years to the point that I just gave up and started covering them. And of all the products I have used, by far, Cle du Peau’s concealer works best for my skin and provides the most natural and heavy-duty coverage that I need. Expensive, yes, but it lasts forever. Two sticks last me an entire year!! Bye-bye eye circles, well at least when I have makeup on!! Hahaha……

The third one of my js essentials series is something that I was given a sample of earlier and absolutely fell in love with. It’s the Bioeffect’s EGF Serum. Made in Iceland, and is full of botanical goodness contains cellular activators without any unwanted additives–just 7 ingredients.

Costly it is, but wonderful too! For me, it’s only takes 2 drops of the serum at night after cleansing, and it really makes your skin feel subtle, moisturized, and better looking the following day!! The craziest thing was that I found out it cost more in Canada to purchase this than in Japan, which the opposite usually is true!! Am now debating when to get the full-size product, since I really do like it! And a special thank you to the person who introduced me to this amazing product!!




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