of dreams, time & space–week 1





The first week of of dreams, time & space passed by fast.  It’s Golden Week (spring) holiday here in Japan, so I was able to meet many friends over the course of just a few days, while enjoying so delicious café au lait and cakes–especially, the special strawberry custard one!

The best thing about showing at Jalk Coffee, besides the wonderful coffee and food, is the natural lighting their big windows provides.  The light “lights” up my artworks unlike anything else.  It really is every illustrator’s dream to show in a space like this!

Decided to wear red and white to the first day of my show, both of which are not my usual colours when it comes to clothes, though they do play a huge part in this particular exhibition. I used touches of red in most paintings to go with the white space, which is my so called “signature touch”.  Just realized that I matched the cake too!  Hahaha……

Well, it’s just the beginning of May, so am looking forward to seeing more friends and making some new ones in the upcoming weeks!

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