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BARAKA x js for BARAKA Bi-monthly Digital Magazine

This is very exciting upcoming project.  It’s humbling to have the amazing opportunity to collaborate with BARAKA, a cosmetics life-style brand that was inspired by the Beauty of the Queens. The brand does not only focus of “outer beauty” but the entire well-being of its clientele.  The ingredients used in its products such as lotus, frankincense, and Dead Sea salts were and still are prized for their effectiveness in nourishing the skin and soul.

Another interesting aspect of the BARAKA is its incorporation of what is called the “Moon Beauty Method”.  The Moon, it has amazing power that is beyond human grasp. We don’t usually think about New Moons and Full Moons, but these events can actually bring along dramatic changes to our lives and can effect our outlook, feelings, and body conditions, of course am talking from more of a spiritual healing stand point.  The “Moon Beauty Method” involves making the moon cycle a part of our regular beauty routine.

To help us understand this better BARAKA will start its Bi-monthly Digital Magazine soon with special messages written by internationally renowned and distinguished astrologist, Stella Kaoruko, regarding the powers and effects of each month’s New and Full Moons, available exclusively to its members.  My “the stars” and the new “the moons” series will be featured in this digital magazine.  The only thing is that it is available on in Japanese at the moment, but plans are underway for availability in other languages.

Stella Kaoruko’s Official Website:

It is always an honour and my great luck to work with people and brands I love and believe in.  I actually posted about BARAKA before being involved in this project, so please to take a look at the post if you haven’t already:

My sincerest thank you to everyone who has supported me all this time and I look forward to many more destined collaborations–the Moon will lead the way!!

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