bubbles at tokyo midtown






Started painting my bubbles only cause someone I know asked me about a possible collaboration, but when things didn’t work out, I continued to paint them anyways, since painting made me happy. I even painted them when I had other deadlines to meet–am an idiot!

And where did my bubbles go? Who would have thought that in less than a year’s time, they would end up at one of my favourite spots, Tokyo Midtown of all places!! And as their 40 m long spring campaign window display!!

From my humble A3 painting to an amazing 40 m!! I would like to thank everyone who was involved in this massive project, cause it is crazy as it is amazing!! Am so, so grateful!! From now until Thu Apr 21–please go see it if you have the time at the B1 floor area that connects Odeo & Hibya lines to Tokyo Midtown.

Regarding the work-in-progress pictures, the A3 painting itself was a challenge for much because I usually painting this series on paper 1/4 of that size. The original painting that was used for the proposal is on the right hand side corner of the last picture. Just painting on the A3 size paper took me hours, close to 20 of just bubbles. Think have became a bubble myself!!  Hahaha……