bubbles–of dreams, time & space



Speaking of bubbles, am using the painting of it as my temporary image for my upcoming exhibition at Jalk Coffee in Nishi Eifuku-cho (www.jalkcoffee.com)–one of my favourite spaces & cafes here in Tokyo. We just decided on the date and I wanted everyone to know: Sun May 1 to Sun May 29 2016!  After my last show in Sep 2014, I promised myself to take one year break before doing another one.

The title & theme is “of dreams, time & space” and though my bubbles series will not be a major part of this show, felt that this image will set the mood. The paintings I will be doing for this will be mainly of the time Lala spends inside a cafe, and I hope to share her feelings, experiences, and thoughts with everyone. Thank you and am looking forward to seeing you all there soon!