love energy & flow II





While on my quest of finding things to “embody” my love energy & flow mantra, I went to Etsy looking for items that would do just that. One of them was a pair of Sugilite (a beautiful purple stone) earrings, which after lots of searching, failed to click with me. So, I decided to make my own and ended up meeting Lari & John of Movingrock, who offer some of the amazing hand-cut loose stones I have ever seen.

Lari & John is a wonderful couple with over 30 years of experience as a jeweller (Lari) and a lapidary–a artisan gemstone cutter (John). Unfortunately, their home-workshop was burnt to the ground in 2013, and Lari can no longer make jewellery, which I have seen pictures of and are impressively beautiful.

After hearing their story, I ended up purchasing a pair of Sugilite stones, and 3 loose cabochons–1 Moonstone with Purple schiller (sheen), 1 Moonstone with Pink schiller, and 1 Lavender Quartz. The schillers of the Moonstones are hard to tell from the pictures, but they are amazing in person. The Lavender Quartz (the biggest stone and on the left) is really wonderful, not only because of its warm purple colour with a touch of golden glow within and a star that shows itself when light shines on it, but the story behind the original rough stone as well.  Here it is in her own words:

“I made jewelry for over 25 years – all fabricated, silver and 18k. I lived and breathed to make jewelry and dreamed I was working as I slept, then I would get up and make what I designed in my dream. (After the fire) we couldn’t afford to replace mine (workshop). We had to replace John’s – our livelihood depended on it. This is our sole income – we are in our 60’s and after our home and shops burned, we had to start all over. Not what we had in mind ;~), but life gives you what it does.

The lavender quartz, John and I mined ourselves probably 20 years ago. The site can no longer be accessed as all the old logging roads have been moved, or more often removed altogether……

As luck would have it, I had moved a box of stones over to what was my brother’s house (now ours) we were care-taking it for him, and I worked here and had my photo booth set up. We didn’t have high speed internet at our old house. It burned to the ground along with our shops in July 2013. We lost everything but the box of stones I had moved. And the lavender quartz survived the fire as it was buried in a flower bed in coffee cans!”

Their story was so inspirational and encouraging that I had to share it with everyone. Please do check out their items–they are really lovely, and Lari & John is one of the nicest couples I have ever met! It’s a blessing being to wear their stones:

Now about the ring, I once again asked Youzan & his team to set the amazing stones into a pinky ring. I never thought that I would wear, let along request a customization of, a pinky ring, but it felt like the right finger to wear Lari & John’s stones.  The 3 stones were set into a branch-like band of gold vermeil to match the other rings I have from Youzan. When I first saw the finished ring, which was so gorgeous–the detail, the comfort of the fit, the balance of the setting, that I couldn’t stop praising them for the excellent job they had done!

It looks like am wearing the bubbles I painted recently on my fingers–hence the second last picture. Thank you very much for making my dream bubble, 3-stoned “love energy & flow” ring into a reality! Again, here is the link to their store:

The last picture is of the Sugilite earrings which is something I put together with 10K gold wires and beads.  Am really happy with the results, and both Lari & John and Youzan & team agree too!  Hahaha……here’s to love energy & flow!!

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