love energy & flow–love


“love energy & flow” came to me one night late last year while laying in bed.  Made it my mantra for 2016.  Cause I am a very tangible person, who loves to feel with my senses, am going to write about physical things I relate with my theme of the year.  This is will be a 3 part blog due to its long length, am also going to post Part I (this post) last so that it shows up first, followed by the Part II & III on my blog.


I believe if I surround myself with happy people, I would be happy too.  This applies to love–truly think if I am around things made with love, would feel their/makers’ love as well.  Hence am always drawn to handmade items, of course, especially homemade food.  But since I blog non-stop about food already, will make it about something else.

For years, I have been known to wear black with lots and lots of simple, big silver jewellery.  I really mean lots and big.  Something changed last autumn, and so decided to switch things up.  Since then, have been searching for things made with rose gold or silver, with touches of gold or with stones–not really sparkly diamonds or gems, but something with colour to brighten up myself.

The result was me finding creators on Etsy who were willing to listen and answer my crazy requests to make items I know I would cherish for years.  After numerous messages, photos, and etc., then me waiting for them to be lovingly crafted, shipped, and finally making their way to me, here they are!  Yes, the vanity of the fashion stylist inside me never died!  And please don’t think I spend money like crazy or do this often.  The items were reasonable, since I did my bargain hunting, and it was for a special reason.  Consider it as one big Christmas present to myself to mark a new outlook and fresh start!


First up, a brilliant Blue Tourmaline Rose Gold Pendent Necklace by Rebekah of Boss Studio Jewelry created at my request.  Rebekah had to run around to look for “the right” stone for me, literally.  This particular little beauty stood out from the rest, and in her words, had more “personality…there’s something about it as it just sort of jumped out at me from amongst the rest of the tourmalines that surrounded it!”.  It really does sparkle like no other.  With all honestly, the picture does not do the actual necklace justice! And corresponding with Rebekah was a real joy.  Her messages were full of thought, understanding, and love that brought a smile to my face every time.  Am lucky to be wearing her creation while writing this post.

Next to it, is the Lotus Rose Gold Pendent by Teri of Teri Lee Jewelry.  I was looking for pendent with a lotus flower, because it is one of the flowers my dad had specifically asked me to paint when I was a child, learning traditional Chinese watercolour painting.  It is also the flower featured in the painting that Chicago Children’s Museum acquired from me years ago.  Lotus flower is known for symbolizing purity, beauty, enlightenment, and rebirth–the perfect flower to reflect my own transformation while retaining my roots.

After lots of searching, I found this one, and asked to have it made in rose gold instead.  And she did, beautifully!  I just love how tactile the piece is.  It is made with the “lost wax” method, which gives it its special characteristics.


Next, a trio of delicate yet strong, Branch Stacking Rings made by Youzan, and his team of real craftsman/woman jewellers right here in Tokyo.  Youzan Yamamori is a traditionally trained jeweler and so are his pupils.  Everything they make is inspired by nature, and fittingly so.

Came across their Pink Tourmaline and Carved Nephrite rings, love them so much, that personally requested an additional custom order for a slightly larger, round cabochon Rose Quartz one.  Each was make with such care and detail.  Youzan was also very helpful, cause despite my long emails in English, which of course is not their native language, everything turned out perfect.  The rings remind me of the beautiful sakura blooming in spring, and warm my heart up.  They have received many c0mpliments ever since I started wearing them.


And last but not least, the creator of the rings featured at the top of the post and shown here again, Annie of April & June Jewelry.  Her Personalize Rings (Pink Amethyst & Rose Quartz here) are just that–personalized to the T.  In person, the rings are softer and much prettier.  She too had to search for a rose cut quartz stone for me during the busy holiday season, so that I can have the rings for the New Year. Wonderfully made and hand stamped, which I personally like more than engraving, is “love” and “energy & flow”.

You can really feel the love that was put into the making of each of these unique pieces, where no two are alike.  They contain the feelings of their makers, and as the owner of them, I cannot be more grateful, happier, and proud.

Thank you Rebekah, Teri, Youzan & his team, and Annie!  Now, this is also a good motivation to work harder to make up for all the money I spent!  Hahaha……