love energy & flow–flow


Part III is FLOW.  If something is broken are the flow will be disrupted.  This goes for time, things, the body, and mind.

There were several things in my possession that needed fixing, and did just that before then end of last year.  The place I went to is actually where most would buy things from, not repair things at.  However, Tokyu Hands Shibuya has repair shops for jewellery, watches and more.

Took my much loved broken earrings, necklace, and watch for repairs.  And they have done more than a fine job!  The repair staff there are not regular shop staff, but experts with years of experience in their craft.  Due to my, again, crazy requests and funny way of speaking Japanese, I actually came to know a couple of them.  I went by Boxing Day, the day after Christmas, to say hi and drop off my belated Christmas postcard to their Jewellery Repair staff who have helped me out lots.  They were kind enough that they even displayed it inside one of their showcases–see the picture below.  Was so happy they did that for what I call, a random, demanding customer!

Could not be happier–to start off the New Year, I finally got the watch that dad got me (the one in front) for my grad year fixed. It gave way 2 years ago, and instead of paying the $100+ to repair it at the time, paid $300+ for a new one (right, yes the same brand too!).

Both are relatively inexpensive watches, but they have been through thick and thin with me. In the consumerist, disposable world we live in today, fixing and cherishing old items is ever more important. Am grateful that it’s on my wrist running again, and I got my flow back. Thanks dad and to the staff at Tokyu Hands Shibuya’s Jewellery Repair (on 5C) and Watch Repair (5B) departments!  And isn’t 2016 already looking great?



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