love energy & flow–energy


Part II of my “love energy & flow” posts, of course is ENERGY.  I believe most things have energy, and many give off great amounts of it.  Since skincare is something that I have to say, is the closest to the skin, its energy is very important to me.

A friend of mine introduced me to “BARAKA” a Japanese cosmetics brand that was inspired by the Beauty of the Queens.  The concept sounded far fetched at first, but reading more about it, I realized it was sincere in its idea and product lineup.  At the center of their products is the almost ancient ingredients which queens, say Cleopatra, used for their own beauty routines.  These ingredients such as lotus, frankincense, and Dead Sea salts were and still are prized for their effectiveness in nourishing the skin and soul.

Tried everything they had and though I love them all, I particularly like their “Lotus Water Mist”.  So, will share my thoughts with you here.  Every time after I wash my face or finishing taking a bath/shower, I immediately spray the Lotus Water Mist on my face.  Its soft scent and moisturizing effect is heavenly.  I feel like am surrounded by a mist of gentle, positive, nurturing energy.

The main ingredient is Lotus Water–yes, you heard me right.  Apparently, BARAKA used state-of-the-art cosmetics technology to extract this water.  Saw the stats: it was so scientific that am skipping it here.  But it is amazing how they do it.  Knowing how much I am attracted to lotus flowers, it is hard not to like this.  As mentioned previously, the lotus flower is known for symbolizing purity, beauty, enlightenment, and rebirth.  It is also known for its healing properties and energy.  They have another product too that is comprised on this rare ingredient, “Lotus Waterdrop Cream” which too is worth trying out.

BARAKA is unfortunately only available in Japan right now, and their website is all in Japanese.  However, I heard that this may change, and soon too, as they are getting ready for an international launch.  Whatever the case, am very fortunate to have discovered this energizing brand!

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