kakigori–natural ice



For my Oct tokyo trend report: traditional Japanese desserts are making a major comeback–kakigori is now highly sought after as the new “chic” & “luxurious” sweet and not only in the summer, but all year round. Simple is best, these premium kakigori made from natural ice can easily cost 1000 yen or more! Shown here: matcha & strawberry flavour.

***Natural ice is ice made in the great outdoors, with ponds of water frozen by nature, and handled by dedicated craftsmen. No freezers are used in the ice making process. There are only 5 of such traditional ice-makers (companies) left in Japan***

And here is a picture of the real ones I ordered, though both were of matcha flavour. Lucky to have tried 2 of the 5 ice made by the rare natural ice-makers! The ice really is different, and melts in your mouth like soft, fluffy snow!