polka dots & bubbles

bubbles--spring_js bubbles--summer_jsbubbles--autumn_jsbubbles--winter_js

Although am amidst a very important project, I still got distracted after doing an experimental painting for a friend (see below).  After finishing the first one, these little colourful polka dots, or bubbles, wouldn’t stop floating about in my head.  The result: a polka dot series that was inspired by nature and the seasons.

Spring (top image): pastels from cherry blossoms, showers, and water drops
Summer: intense vibrant colours from everywhere
Autumn: rich golds, reds, and browns of fall leaves
Winter: cool yet healing effects of rain and snow–water (yes, am from Vancouver! The rainy city of Canada)

These five paintings were done without my signature ink blotted lines.  Hence, there is an airiness to them that is very different from the ones I have done prior.  Now that I got all of these images/feelings down on paper, I can finally get back to work!

And a side note: this is my 100th post!! Thank for being me with all this time–cheers!!


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