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As a stylist, I have always loved menswear more than ladies.  There is a certain classiness to it from the impeccable tailoring that ladies wear tends to lack.  Actually, I wore a full on suit with a customized shirt and Armani silk bow tie to a friend’s wedding years ago–that’s how much I love menswear!

So, when I heard a friend was getting a suit fitted, I decided to tag along.  Turns out the craftsman of the suit was no other than the famous Goto Tailor in Nihonbashi.  Recognized internationally and by the Japanese government for their craftsmanship, Goto Tailor has been hand making customized suits for clients for decades, from the royal family to politicians, celebrities, and anyone looking to own a special suit to own for a long time.  More than about trends, classic elements, fine details, and the wearer’s needs are the focus of a Goto Tailor made suit.

I was very fortunate to have met and spend over an hour and an half with the 3rd generation master tailor and current owner of Goto Tailor, Mr. Kazuhiro Tsuchiya.  Mr. Tsuchiya is as nice as he is skilled in suit making.  He told us many stories about the 1st master tailor, the Mr. Goto, his successor, and himself while fitting my friend’s suit to the “T”.  Every dart, every detail, down to a millimeter was considered, and not overlooked.  Mr. Tsuchiya was very generous and even gave me a scented sensu, a Japanese folding fan.  Was told that receiving a sensu will bring good luck and many more meaningful meetings!

If you are ever thinking about having a tailor made suit and are not in a rush (since there is a long waiting list and a real suit takes time to perfect), please do visit Goto Tailor at Nihonbashi!

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