egg tart, pineapple bun & other goodies

eggtart&othergoodies_js pineapplebun&goodies_js

I grew up having lots of Hong Kong style baked goods, fresh out of the oven.  Have always loved bread more than noodles, pasta, and rice.  When I was visiting home back in spring, I took lots of pictures of the real thing, so that I can paint my own.  Yes, these goodies are what I miss terribly when am in Tokyo.

Above is my rendition of the flaky yet smooth egg tarts, soft and well-balanced spongecake, and the oh-so-sweet and gooey–in a good way, coconut/cocktail bun.  Below, the famous pineapple bun that never contained any pineapple and got its name only from looking like one, and the sweet and savory BBQ pork bun.

If you ever get a chance to try any one of these, be sure to have it with a cup of strong and rich Hong Kong style coffee or milk tea!!