louvre museum: genre painting – scenes from daily life

Louvre Museum--Genre Painting

Alexandre-Gabriel Decamps - The Monkey Painter_1833_Louvre Museum

One of my favourite things about Tokyo is that there are always some great exhibitions featuring masterpieces from around the world, and the ones I must see are the paintings by Johannes Vermeer.  Of course, I didn’t miss the chance to see his The Astronomer that is touring Japan now at The National Center of Art, Tokyo.

The paintings from the show, Louvre Museum: Genre Painting – Scenes from Daily Life, depicts exactly that–paintings of the everyday life.  Besides The Astronomer, several other works stood out and stole my heart per se, Jean-Baptiste Greuze’ s The Broken Pitcher, Jean-Baptiste Camille Corot’s The Studio of Corot, and Martin Drolling’s Interior of a Kitchen.

However, there was one that made me laugh and thought of myself, and that was The Monkey Painter, aka Interior of a Studio by Alexandre-Gabriel Decamps.  Yes, I can just as well be that monkey, though am thinking he probably paints better than me!!

Louvre Museum: Genre Painting – Scenes from Daily Life is on now until Mon Jun 1.  Please visit it, and say hi to Decamps’ monkey for me!


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