seiko tsuchimoto x js

seiko tsuchimoto x js--usagi-chan card

seiko tsuchimoto x js--baby lamb card

seiko tsuchimoto x js--message card

Was very fortunate to have worked with Ms. Seiko Tsuchimoto on creating a couple of small message cards for customers ordering her wonderfully handmade baby diaper cakes–decorative display cakes made from real diapers that are usually given to expecting mothers or new mothers as gifts.

Ms. Tsuchimoto was the first to bring baby diaper cakes to Japan, and even heads the Baby Diaper Cake Association of Japan.  Often featured in magazines and on TV, she is well recognized for her work and is as gentle and sweet as her creations.  Working with her on the project was an absolute pleasure for me!

I look forward to our future projects together.  Please see below for some examples of her work, and do visit her company’s website–they ship internationally too!!

seiko tsuchimoto 2

seiko tsuchimoto 3

seiko tsuchimoto 1