limited edition converse–japan

allstar_chromexcel01 allstar_chromexcel02 allstar_chromexcel03 allstar_ql01 allstar_ql02 allstar_ql03onestar_jonestar_jv3I think by now, you all know about my love for leather shoes.  And it goes beyond oxfords.  Converse, especially leather the ones limited to Japan are something that I can’t walk without, or so to say.

I starting wearing the “Made in Japan” hard leather One Stars (last two images above) over a decade ago, and still own a pair now.  The company did switch production to Indonesia for a few years at a certain time–which I never bought.  But I was extremely happy when they decided to bring it back into Japan.  They listened to what the consumers wanted.

The first 3 images are of the new pair of Leather All Star Chromexcel Hi I recently purchased to replace the worn out, but much loved All Star QL (OS) Hi (images 4 to 6) that was available exclusively at only one of their Converse store and online store in Japan back in late 2012/early 2013.

Though both pairs are not made in Japan, they have specially qualities, besides being limited, that are totally worth buying.  Both are made of more solid leather to give the shoes better shape of the years, have black rubber soles instead of the dark brown on see on most Converse shoes, and came with black laces.

The Leather All Star Chromexcel Hi are made with high quality leather from Horween Leather Company in Chicago.  And the logo patch is only black and white, whereas the usual one has a blue star and red font.  According to Wiki: Horween Leather Company is one of the oldest continuously running tanneries in the United States, and the only one located in Chicago. Isadore Horween founded the company in 1905, and worked in it until 1949.

The Leather All Star QL (OS) has black quilted stitching, a black leather logo patch, with brass eyelets instead of silver ones, and the rubber soles are off-white, not white.

Well, that’s enough of Converse for today, and now, am heading back to work/painting!

A note on the images, they were all taken from the Converse Japan website: