a new start–soaring

urara-chan soaring

For many people, Spring is the season for new beginnings.  However, I find Autumn to be the same.  If Spring is of birth & rebirth, then Autumn is of changes & transformations.  It’s a great time to reflect on what has happened in the six months prior and see what can be made moving forward, not just in the next six months ahead, but even further into the future.

I had a wonderful dinner with a couple of friends last month. We chatted about many things, and my future happened to be one of our topics.  She mentioned that she saw big white wings behind me, and must fly far and high.  Since am no angel, the image of a migratory bird immediately came to mind.  She also noted that I would be probably calling more than one place home, most likely somewhere by the sea.  Our conversations were really positive and thought provoking.  Am so lucky to have such great friends.

Now is the perfect timing. The new season is here, and I feel like I too need to take a major step in a new direction.  So, I created this painting as a celebration of sort.

A new start is happening, and am embracing what it has in store for me!