where’s lala? find her in yoyogikoen & on your devices!

urara-chan why final

Lala is always around somewhere in my mind, but she is physically around too–and in particular, in the Yoyogikoen (Yoyogi Park) area.  She has been at the bakery cafe Le Chalet – Levain, at is a permanent fixture at Le Cafe Barney.

Am now going to introduce you to a couple of other places too where she makes the occasional appearance.  One is Newport Cafe, where they have the best vegetable plate lunch with homemade pita bread and falafels in town–you must try it with their hot chai too!  The other is Acot, a pastry store that is only open a few days a week.  Love the macrobiotic sweets the owner-baker makes too!

Of course, you can also find Lala at plate tokyo until then end of this month, and on your devices as well–the free eBook promo is on now until Tue Oct 14 11:59 PM PST (Wed Oct 15 3:59 PM Tokyo time) and find her LINE Stickers here: line.me/S/sticker/1013309 too!

Newport Cafe: http://nwpt.jp/




Acot: http://acot-blog.jp/




Le Cafe Barney: http://le-barney.com/

Special Note, they just celebrated their 2nd Anniversary in September!  Congratulations to the lovely owner couple–Lala & I just love your everything about Cafe Barney!!




Le Chalet – Levain: http://levain317.jugem.jp/

Their seasonal bread of the month is kabocha, Japanese pumpkin!!  Just look at them!! I had the staff to make me their famous goma miso, sesame miso sandwich on their pumpkin bread!!




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