stubbornness & human connections

turning dial phoneContrary to appearances, am amazingly stubborn.  I have been told to do many things a certain way or paint this and that.  However, I have stuck to my own beliefs and stood my ground–politely so.  If not, I don’t think I could have made it this far.  Of course, I had lots of help along the way.

Am grateful that I get to paint whatever I like, and still have people acknowledge and admire it enough to reach for their wallets and pay for my work.

Now, will have to work harder to make sure that the value of the pieces they all have kindly bought will increase.  Value, not only in terms of money, but of sentiments and human connections.  Yes, art does connect us all.

My aim is to create a world that I get to share with others, which will eventually become a world of theirs–one that brings joy, and leaves plenty of room for daydreaming and creativity!

Note: I chose a painting I did of the vintage turning dial phone that has been in my family before I was born for this post.  Jet black, heavy as a rock, Japanese made and from the 1970’s, we still use it at my parent’s place.  Calling is one way of connecting, as with writing by hand, and posting on the Internet.  However, I still prefer meeting people face-to-face, and have been blessed that during the past month, I have been able to make so many of such human connections.