~ day 10 urara-chan & lala’s new home(s)


red sparkling

It’s been crazy, in a very good sense, since the opening of otona kyutto!  I made so many new friends and met many old ones too!  And it’s not even half way through the show yet.

The best part is that I get to chat with people–talking about art, food, and other things, to enjoy some delicious food, and the chance to show my original works along with my digital ones.  Some were pleasantly surprised at the fact they were getting the originals of the LINE Stickers they are using!

Yes, Urara-chan and Lala have found news homes!!  Am always very happy when people I know have my work up on their walls, but it humbles me when people I have just met or didn’t even know decide to purchase my original paintings.  I really can’t thank everyone enough!

And the opening party on the 6th was extremely successful, only because of the people who showed up to support me, and that of course including the amazing DJs Kei Shiratori & Yutaka Kitamura, my friend who had kindly arrange for my yukata, and the amazing staff of plate tokyo!  Of course, I have to share with you the beautiful flowers and red sparkling wine I received.  Red sparkling?!  You heard right!!

There is this priceless human connection full of positive energy that others bring to me, and I hope I can do the same for others.  There is still 20 plus days to go.  So, please come by and say hi, and let’s spread the joy around!!