hand-drawn line stickers – urara-chan’s and lala’s fluffy everyday

js_linestickers_jpUraraちゃんとLalaのふわふわの毎日 –  すべて手描きLINEスタンプ


* Update: As of Apr 23 2017, the Stickers will be temporary unavailable until further notice. Sincerest apologies for the inconvenience*

After months of hard work with both pen and computer and having my patience tested to the max, it’s finally available for sale!  Yes, you can now use Urara-chan and Lala via LINE on your smartphones, computers, and other devices!  They have became the LINE stickers that I hope will add a special touch to your daily communication with the ones around you, close and faraway.

I find most LINE stickers on the market a little too loud, and decided to ones that reflect me (a daydreamer in her 30’s) most.  I created these two characters who are sisters, Urara-chan and Lala, and the “fluffy” world they live in.  Of course, the originals were all hand-drawn.  The digital part though, took me forever……

So if you are a LINE user (or will be soon), please go purchase the stickers, use them often, tell your friends about them, or even send the stickers to them as gifts!  More than making money from this, I hope to spread a little joy, and have more people know of my work. The stickers are available worldwide, and once purchased, they never expire!

https://store.line.me/stickershop/product/1013309/en (English)
https://store.line.me/stickershop/product/1013309/ja (Japanese)

*Clicking the images above will bring you to the LINE Store*

A huge heartfelt thank you in advance!!

– Jodi

P.S. You can also search by the keywords: Urara, Lala, Fluffy, Hand Drawn, Jodi, and Sam.  Of course, in Japanese too!

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