plate tokyo and fall 2014 exhibition







With deadlines looming and lots on my “plate” these days, what could be better than visiting one of the best causal, but exceptional French restaurants in Tokyo for a late lunch meeting?

plate tokyo, located in the chic Nishi-Azabu area, is wonderful with an amazing menu from single dishes to course menus ranging anywhere from 1000 yen to 8000+ yen.  Their special priced lunches are not only available during weekdays, but on weekends as well–a rarity here in Japan.

The ingredients are fresh, the cooking is superb, and the atmosphere is relaxing.  I am a lover of great food, but not stuffy and uptight surroundings.  The cheese board and wine selections are to die for!  What is even more impressive, is their personable service, and love of great music and arts.  They even produced their own CDs, and have artists showing their works on a monthly basis.

The owner, Ayano-san, is as attentive as she is cute.  Feel free to drop by plate tokyo anytime, for some great food, or even just a glass of wine, though you really should try a couple of their amazing dishes!

Thank you everyone at plate tokyo for making my stressful life, more relaxed and delicious. Can’t wait until my next visit there!

* A special advance notice: Am honoured to be holding my new exhibition at plate tokyo from sep 1 to 30 2014 *