mother’s day–tsubaki vs. carnations


It’s Mother’s Day and I, trying to be a good girl am wishing from Japan, my mother a wonderful day.  She deserves more than just one day of course, but hey, aren’t we all a victim of commercialization of celebrations?

I decided to paint a tsubaki, Japanese camellia, not only because it is one of her favourite flowers, but also of mine and someone who I have great respect of.  I know that carnations are “the” symbol of Mother’s Day, but I really don’t remember when I last gave carnations on this day.  I almost avoid it, if possible.

Tsubaki are beautiful, and we used to have a pink camellia tree outside our first home in Canada.  The flower brings back such wonderful memories, though my personal favourite is of the white varieties.

Well, Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers around the world! Yes, we children, just love to drive you crazy, so be the Queen for the day that is purely dedicated to you!  And thank you for all the years you have put up with us!!