spring, sakura and cherry blossoms


lala sakura

Spring, my favourite season, well other than autumn.  And my favourite symbol of this beautiful season is the sakura, cherry blossoms.  So much so, that when I painted a different cover for My Little Book of Happiness, I decided to use the flower.  How can you not fall in love with these tiny little blooms, kissed with a touch of pink?

It was windy and pouring in Tokyo today, but I still managed to take a quick shot of these beauties.  Noticed the few drops of rain on the fresh petals?

What is also lovely is just right after they are in full bloom, the breeze will pass by, and it will be snowing cherry blossoms.  That was the inspiration for the cover.  Taking a relaxing stroll under the sakura trees, daydreaming, and feeling blessed.  Ah, I just wished the season can last longer……

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