my favourite things – the peplum

ringo headphoneslala goes shopping

The Peplum: in “modern” (20th century) fashion history, was revived by the Mr. Christian Dior in his amazing “the New Look” collection of 1947, finally bring back glamour and elegance to fashion in the postwar era, easing the utilitarian look that dominated every aspect of life at that time.

Fast forward to today, it is again fashionable, and the approach of the peplum element/silhouette varies vastly, from the hip fashion to the classical look.  I love love love the peplum, and am happy to see it used again in different styles.  I painted my favourite element in the two different approaches too:

– Ringo-chan sporting a peplum black and white cropped blazer, pairing it with jeans and platforms while listening to her iPod

– Lala wearing a white peplum pencil skirt with her favourite black turtleneck as she is shopping for some new shoes

Either way, I hope more people will come to know of the Peplum, and Mr. Christian Dior’s “the New Look” collection.