my favourite things – vintage moschino by persol sunglasses

vintage moschino by persol

I own a number of sunglasses, but you will often see me in these: my vintage Moschino by Persol sunglasses from the early 90’s.  I got them a few years ago as “New Old Stock” from a wonderful optical store I frequent in Vancouver, and I just love them like crazy!

Actually, the owner became a good friend of mine because I would go into the store, and spend hours looking at the amazing vintage stock he has.  We would chat about each frame: the maker/designer, the colour, the details, the material, the craftsmanship, and etc. Yes, I added “the” to all the words because they are so important! I still see him every time I visit home, and usually come out with a new pair of sunglasses! Hahaha……

Side note, Lady Gaga was spotted wearing a pair of Moschino by Persol from the same collection.  Instead of the key motif on the side, hers had large cut gems.  Funny, as my friend also had that frame in his store!

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