poetry & paint anthology – lost

poetry & paint anthology lost - jodi sampoetry & paint anthology lost jodi sam cover page

I often get lost, not only physically (just ask any of my poor friends waiting for me!) but also in my thoughts.  I don’t necessarily find it to be a bad thing, especially when I can make new discoveries, be it a small cozy cafe, a beautiful stationery store, or about myself.

A couple of months ago, I received an email from Carmina, a lovely writer in London who puts together an anthology of poems and illustrations.  Her next anthology was to be around the theme “Lost”.  What a great subject I thought. So, am happy to be a part of her wonderful anthology, which features both my poem and illustration, and would like to share it here with everyone.  I hope you will like it!

There are also other enthusiastic artists who contributed to this collection.  Please do visit the following links for more information: